Microplastics Updates October 2019

Journal Articles

Wetland soil microplastics are negatively related to vegetation cover and stem density

First evidence of microplastic contamination in the supraglacial debris of an alpine glacier

Microplastics from mulching film is a distinct habitat for bacteria in farmland soil

River Deltas as hotspots of microplastic accumulation: The case study of the Ebro River (NW Mediterranean)

Chemical and physical changes of microplastics during sterilization by chlorination

Effects of microplastics on greenhouse gas emissions and the microbial community in fertilized soil

Average daily flow of microplastics through a tertiary wastewater treatment plant over a ten-month period

Phytoplankton response to polystyrene microplastics: Perspective from an entire growth period

In the News

The biggest source of microplastics in California coastal waters? Car tires

You’re literally eating microplastics. How you can cut down exposure to them.

Microplastics have invaded the food supply

Hunting for microplastics in your seafood

Scientists piece together microplastics problem in Monterey Bay

New evidence points to microplastics’ toxic impact on the human body

Tracing the Journey of Microplastics in the Arctic

Researchers study microplastics in marine mammals


Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Toronto, Canada (11/03-11/07)

UN Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Santiago, Chile (12/02-12/13)

15th World Convention on Waste Recycling and Reuse – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (02/21/20-02/22/20)

Employment Opportunities

OCEANA – Communications Officer

PlasticBank – Various Positions

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