What do a city sidewalk, a countryside road, a stream, a bay, and a beach have in common?


Plastic bags, bottles, and utensils are the most common form of litter in our streets and sidewalks. Not only do they taint our communities, but once transported from land to the ocean by wind, rain, and waterways, these disposable plastics harm fish, birds, and other wildlife. Marine debris can lead to beach closures, reduce tourism, impact commercial and recreational boating, and other economic activities. As discarded plastics degrade, they break down into tiny pieces called microplastics, which may enter the food web and release toxic chemicals over time.

The most effective way to prevent plastics from entering our waterways is to stop trash where it starts. There are easy and economical ways to reduce the use of single-use, disposable plastics such as bottles, bags, straws, stirrers, and food/drink packaging and containers.

Sign the Plastic Free Pledge today and take action to keep plastic pollution out of New York and New Jersey waters!